Today, all authors of accepted papers have been notified. We have received a total of 11 submissions, of which 9 were selected. With submissions from Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, we have selected a diverse number of papers related to the question of how to integrate audiovisual material in the Digital Humanities. All authors have been asked to revise their abstracts based on the reviews and comments from the programme committee, which are due Wednesday June 11th. After this date, the final programme of the workshop will be published on this website.

The accepted abstracts are (in alphabetic order of first author):

  • Baaren & Van Gorp – Exploration, contextualization and analysis of transmedia content: a demonstration of TROVe
  • Clement – The Hermeneutics of Distant Listening to Spoken Word Texts with High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship
  • Van Gorp, Olesen, Fossati and Noordegraaf – Emering Cinema/Emerging Methods: Developing a Tool for EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection
  • Henderson – The EVIA Digital Archive Project: The Challenge for Creating and Sustaining Annotation Tools and Online Access Systems for Time-Based Media
  • Huang & Lawaetz – Radio Sound and the Measuring of Sensuous Voice Qualities
  • Nyhan – Oral History, audio-visual materials and Digital Humanities: a new ‘grand challenge’?
  • Pagenstecher – Mapping Testimonies. The Interview Archive “Forced Labor 1939-1945”
  • Sanders & Hagedoorn – How to publish AV research online
  • Stępińska & Wyszyński – Content Analysis System for Television (CAST): more than an archive, less than an assistant

Congratulations to the authors!



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